not Single-Use

Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of reusable, fully recyclable containers to end the proliferation of single-use waste.


What We Do

We provide reusable cups and containers for events and venues in the GTA.

Rentable and custom options available.


Thinking about reducing your plastic waste at your establishment? We'll find a solution that fits your budget. We offer both consulting and implementation.

Cafe's & Restaurants can go reusable through our zero-waste app Muuse. Download the app or contact us today to join the movement. 

How Does It Work?

At Dream Zero, we believe the future of sustainability does not include single-use packaging that is discarded after a few seconds of use. Building a reusable infrastructure and changing the culture around reuse can start anywhere; with an individual, a restaurant, an event or on a larger scale through a visionary leader. If you are considering reuse for your organization please reach out for a free initial consultation to explore options that fit your goals and budget. We look forward to working with you.


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