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Customize Your Reusable Cup

We love the concept of reusables, it's so honest - what you see is what you get, again, and again, and ...
Introducing our 16 oz Single Wall polypropylene cups.
The cups come in three variations:
  1. white base with a white lid,
  2. white base with a custom color lid,
  3. or custom colored base and lid.
The minimum order is 1000, and they take approximately 60 days to arrive
Product Highlights:
  • The Material In Label (MIL) printing allows for a very high-quality print to be embedded within the cup, preventing wear that is common in some screen printed products. The ink is PP-based, meaning that it is all one material - allowing for full-recyclability! 
  • BPA Free & Food Contact Safe Certified 
  • Recyclable Polypropylene - valuable material on the North American recycled plastics market. We have a standard of -25% black coloured designs to prevent being rejected by recyclers. 
  • We received samples from factories in North America, Europe and China. We eventually found a company based in China that is capable of this product while also being SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) approved.
  • We suggest these items are retailed at $2-$2.50 ea, providing stores with good margins and an opportunity to show off their brand :)
Reusable Cup Design For Cafes.png