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How customers use Muuse
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Cafe's can join Toronto's Muuse program for free!
  1. Apply below or contact us at canada@muuse.io 
  2. Partners receive inventory, signage, and training at no additional charge.
  3. Muuse and DreamZero will announce your involvement via all social accounts.
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1. Find a partner location on our app

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2. Borrow a reusable by scanning the QR code


3. Enjoy your beverage to go!

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4. Return the reusable at any partner location

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5. The Cafe partner takes care of cleaning so it’s ready for reuse

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The Premium Reusable Cup

Cafes want to impress their customers with premium service and atmospheres, this shouldn't stop at the cup. These cups were designed with continued reuse in mind, and are:

  • Chip-resistant, powder-coat finish

  • 12 oz and 16 oz sizes

  • Stainless Steel

  • Polypropelene lid (recyclable, not black)

  • Commercial dishwasher safe

  • Tracked by QR technology in a mobile App


COVID-19 and Muuse

A reusable program during a pandemic? Is this safe?

Your safety is our highest priority and that is why all of our program abides by the strictest safety protocols in the industry. We require our cafe's to:


1 ) Comply with the Food Premise regulations and use a commercial-style mechanical dishwasher that sanitizes at 82C or 180F, and is equipped with a temperature gauge and has test strips to confirm sanitization.


2) Employ contact-free systems for lids and cups receive the same treatment as a single-use cup or in-house tableware. For drop-off, customers can place their used cup in a designated Muuse bin for a contactless return.

3) Ensure that workers are protected: Our cafe's must abide by all local PPE regulations and ensure they are safe with gloves during cup handling. 

For more information on reusable programs during COVID-19 please see recent news articles here, here and here.

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Muuse helps consumers access reusable items for a low monthly fee. To learn more check out these helpful resources: