Connect with your customers on what they value most, sustainability!

Muuse is a network of reusable coffee cups and takeout containers, and it's coming to Canada!

How customers use Muuse
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1. Find a partner location on our app

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2. Borrow a reusable by scanning the QR code


3. Enjoy your beverage to go!

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4. Return the reusable at any partner location

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5. The Cafe partner takes care of cleaning so it’s ready for reuse

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The Premium Reusable Cup

Cafes want to impress their customers with premium service and atmospheres, this shouldn't stop at the cup. These cups were designed with continued reuse in mind, and are:

  • Chip-resistant, powder-coat finish

  • 12 oz and 16 oz sizes

  • Stainless Steel

  • Polypropelene lid (recyclable, not black)

  • Commercial dishwasher safe

  • Tracked by QR technology in a mobile App

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The process for cafes or restaurants to participate in Muuse
  1. Apply below.
  2. Partners must qualify.
  3. Once accepted, partners will receive inventory, signage, and training.
  4. Partners pay shipping costs for supply.
  5. Muuse and DreamZreo will announce your involvement via all social accounts.
  6. All partners washing practices will be reviewed periodically.
Try Out The App
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We are committed to supporting the food and beverage industry, which is why we've decided to only charge shipping and handling of materials to your location from Toronto. There are no other fees.


We will also provide you with:

  • In-store signage and posters

  • Washing guidance

  • Staff training

  • Social media presence

  • and more...!

Apply To Be A Muuse Partner
Does your facility have a commercial dishwasher on site?


Muuse helps consumers access reusable items for a low monthly fee. Do you want to understand more about the program? Check out these helpful resources:

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