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Rentable cups, plates and sporks for your event 

Since 2017 DreamZero has prevented over 50,000 single-use items from disposal, even better is that our customers really enjoyed doing it!

All items are washed in accordance with Toronto Public Health and industry standards in a certified and inspected wash facility
We inspect each cup before and after washing to ensure the next event has a hygienic and high-quality experience

Some events require a $2 deposit per item, which can be returned to patrons at end of use

Events can offer their patrons the opportunity to "Donate Your Deposit" to a charity, this increases the events social impact considerably

Event managers are allowed to make their own decision on whether to charge a deposit fee

DreamZero requires a $1.25 replacement fee for any item missing

How it works:

Step 1 - Send us a note below with the quantities of each item you would like, the date, and location of your event, we'll then confirm the details with you within 24 hours.

Step 2 - We'll deliver your order complete with our signage and hygienic tracking system in-place.

Step 3 - At the agreed-upon time, we'll pick everything up, and provide you with a total bill.

12 oz Cup

Our 12 oz Cup is great for wine, cocktails or children beverages


16 oz Cup

The 16 oz Cup is well suited for beer or large-sized cold beverages 


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9" Plate

The 9" Plate fits most meals sizes & its handle makes it easy to hold



Your guests will love our new Sporks, flexible for most types of meals

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