Zero Waste Zone Toronto

We are excited to introduce Toronto's first Zero Waste Zone, a multi-stakeholder project funded by the City of Toronto's Main Street Innovation Grant. The project aims to help businesses recover from the pandemic and  greatly reduce single-use food and beverage packaging on Queen Street East from the Beach to the Don River!


DreamZero Circular Solutions, a Toronto-based non-profit in partnership with the City of Toronto and is providing reusable patio cups, coffee cups, takeout and pizza containers to vendors along this corridor in an attempt to reduce waste generated from in-store sales. The program will run from mid-July 2022 to January of 2023.


For Customers:

How to (mu)use:

  1. Download our app and create an account to get started.

  2. To check out a cup or food box, scan the QR code on the container & click confirm to borrow. 

  3. Use it for up to 30 days before returning it back to a Muuse partner outlet (you can find these on the app).

  4. To return your item(s), scan the QR code on your reusable and the return QR code in the cafe to confirm your return. Your app should immediately reflect your return!

  5. Voila! You have successfully helped in saving a single-use container from the landfill (or potentially from entering our oceans), nice one!

For Cafe's and Restaurants:

There are two ways to participate:

1) Patios and Eat-In

We will provide free reusable 10oz and 20oz cups and/or 9" plates. No fees will be charged for the duration of the Zero Waste Zone project.


2) Takeaway

We will provide you with reusable 8, 12 and 16 oz insulated coffee cups, 40 oz food containers and/or 12" pizza containers as well as in-store marketing materials at no charge. Items are tracked using a consumer facing app called Muuse, it acts like a library for reusable packaging and is totally free for customers. No fees will be charged for the duration of the Zero Waste Zone project.



- All locations must have on-site wash facilities and be registered with Dine Safe

- Must be located within a block from Queen St East, between Victoria Park Ave and the Don River.

- This program does not support delivery, it is meant to encourage customers to visit stores.


All participants will be mentioned in the media and have social media posts promoting their business.


Vendors are encouraged to contact Dream Zero to arrange an opportunity to discuss details further. 647-447-7324


Download our Press Kit for more information about Toronto's 1st Zero Waste Zone.