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ZeroWaste Zone

DreamZero Circular Solutions and the City of Toronto are excited to announce a pilot program aimed at encouraging in-person takeaway without the throwaway!

This ZeroWaste Zone will help businesses get feet back in the store while also greatly reduce single-use food and beverage packaging along a 6km stretch of Queen Street East from the Beach to the Don River.

Why get involved?

The Zero Waste Zone will offer the experience and performance of leading reusable cups and containers at food establishments like bakeries, cafes, fast food, patios, pizzerias and more.

Participating businesses will receive free training, reusable packaging, and be given access to world leading packaging tracking systems necessary to ensure that items are returned with no charge to their customers!

Businesses will be mentioned in local news articles and social media, referenced in the published results and receive recognition by local partner organizations.

This pilot program will run until February 2023.

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What kind of reusable packaging is available?

DreamZero has been working with international partners to test and trial packaging options in real-world scenarios and within local markets. The following is just the start of what we'll be offering our vendor partners. All items meet Canadian requirements for food safety, are BPA Free, and are designed for commercial reuse systems.

#ReusablesTO takeout container GET program.png

Clamshell To Go

Available in various sizes, our clamshell containers are perfect for salads, sandwiches and hot foods

#ReusablesTO reusable patio beer pint cup reuse program.png

Patio Cups

These durable reusable cold cups are perfect for patios or eat-in locations that want a glass alternative

#ReusablesTO plate patio program.png

9" Patio Plates

Stiff reusable plate that has an easy to hold grip and textured finish to prevent scratching.

#ReusablesTO cups program.png

Double Wall Stainless Steel Cups

Perfect for your favourite coffee, cold drinks and even ice creams and gelato!

#ReusablesTO takeout containers program (1).png

Stainless Steel Takeout Conainers

Sealed tight means no spillage, and keeps food items fresh for longer

#ReusablesTO takeout pizza reuse program.png

12" Pizza


The ventilation and a secure latch helps deliver the perfect pie

How will it work?

Once you've been approved to participate you'll receive:

- The appropriate reusable packaging items to borrow for the duration of the pilot program.

- Guidance on the consumer borrowing process and tactics and technologies used to keep the reusable items in rotation for extended periods,

- Washing and maintenance training for front of house and back of house staff, where applicable, including how to successfully integrate reusables into your operations

- Social post by appropriate partner organizations to help inform the community of your offerings,

- Continued support through training updates, special promo days, etc...

There'll be two streams of participants - At Establishment and Takeout 

At Establishment venues will receive reusable cups and plates that are made of high-quality polypropylene plastic. This material is durable, food safe, BPA Free and is a high-valued recycled material making it economically viable to local markets. Applicable items are:

- Patio Cups (6oz, 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 20oz)

- Patio Plates (9 inch)

- More to come

These items will not require a deposit or any tracking system as they are meant to stay on food premises.

Takeout items must be more robust and capable of withstanding typical wear that take away demands. All items are BPA Free and are designed for commercial reuse systems, including high-value at end-of-life. Applicable items include:

- Stainless Steel Cups (8oz, 12oz, 16oz)

- Stainless Steel Takeout Container (40oz, more to come)

- Clamshell containers (multiple styles available)

- Pizza Containers (12 inch, more to come)

- More items to come

The nature of these items means that customers will be taking them off-premise, therefore these items will be accessible through the Muuse App - a free application that allows users to:

- Access unlimited borrows with no cost

- Borrow each item for up to 30 days

- Return at applicable locations

- Home or Office Pick-Up available (additional cost to consumer)

How is this funded?

Businesses within this area are eligible to receive reusable items that fit their food or beverage type free of charge thanks to the City of Toronto's Mainstreet Innovation fund, the Government of Canada through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario, DreamZero Circular Solutions and Muuse. This program is a major step towards building a sustainable food packaging system in Canada.


Download our Press Kit for more information about Toronto's 1st Zero Waste Zone.
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Want more information?

Please reach out to project coordinator Scott Morrison

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