Our Summary of the Greenpeace USA Report: Reusables Are Doable

A recent Greenpeace USA Report outlines how restaurants and cafes have been ensuring public health with basic sanitization practices and contactless systems with reusable coffee cups during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Report, Reusables Are Doable, outlines how cafes are embracing increased awareness about sanitization and draws lessons from the most trusted refill systems currently in use, including MUUSE, CupClub, and Vessel.

Major lessons taken from the report include:

Trust Science and Sanitization

  • On June 22, Greenpeace USA and UPSTREAM released a letter now signed by 130 public health and medical experts from 20 countries agreeing that reusables can be used safely during the pandemic by employing basic hygiene and contactless systems

  • On a recent webinar about reuse during the pandemic, TerraCycle and Loop CEO Tom Szaky said, “We are inherently swimming in reuse.” He noted that people already trust dentists and the medical industry to sanitize medical equipment before it is reused. That same trust is and must continue to be bestowed on companies and restaurants to sanitize reusables, and businesses and governments have a role in educating the public about the safety of reuse.

Reusable Systems Already Exist, and Are Growing

  • There are four basic reuse models: refill at home, refill on the go, return from home, and return on the go.

  • Many to-go reuse models are for cups and/or containers, such as CupClub,Vessel, and MUUSE which can be used at participating vendors. Customers pay for the cup or container with a deposit and return it after use for a clean one. This obviates the need for disposables and prioritizes sanitization.

  • Bringing your own cups and containers is still a viable choice with the proper contactless protocols (e.g., City to Sea, Plastic Free Places, Takeaway Throwaways)

New Reuse Opportunities for Foodservice and Retail

  • There are many protocols for contactless systems for menus, payment, reuse, and refill.

Demand Environmental Justice and Good Jobs

  • This is a moment to say NO to plastics and fossil fuel corporate giants, and YES to a just, clean, sustainable future that provides good-paying union jobs and the services communities need to thrive.

  • The Ellen MacArthur Foundation estimates at least a $10 billion economic opportunity by replacing just 20% of single-use plastic packaging with reusable alternatives.

  • Our society has an obligation to grapple with the impacts of increased plastic production and disposal, especially as they land hardest on low-income and Black and Brown communities.

Please follow this link to read the Greenpeace USA report, or see the file below.

Download • 1.72MB

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Scientists state reusables are safe and a recent Survey of Canadian Consumers Shows Strong Support for Single-Use Plastic Reduction Strategies.

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